Updated Cloud First “Journey”

So here is the updated cloud first journey that many an organisation is on:

cloud first 2

  1. ok. I need a cloud strategy
  2. So the developers hate me
  3. Can we build a cloud on what we already have?
  4. No!? Ok, well lets put everything in public cloud.
  5. ah… we can’t put everything in public cloud. some of it yes, but not everything. Why? There’s Governance, Data Sovereignty, performance, security requirements to consider…
  6. Ok well…lets go Hybrid Cloud….yay.  So we need a private cloud then. Lets build one
  7. Flipping ‘eck. Building private cloud is hard!!
  8. oh… Developers still hate me
  9. Wowsa…Managed Private Clouds. Many vendors will build and run a private cloud for me. toot toot !!  🙂
  10. Man alive. Now there’s multi-cloud management platforms. I can broker all my clouds. I lOVE my life!!!


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