If you love your apps, set them free

It can be quite overwhelming trying to keep up with all the latest tech.

It’s hard enough keeping the old stuff going let alone trying to work out how to deliver all the new stuff.

(Tim Stump, the DevOps lead in the brown cardigan, is particularly annoying, always banging on about serverless and NoOps).



The reality is that IT need to deliver some of the stuff but some of the stuff they broker. Unless you are in the business of building clouds, why would you. For the things that can not go to public cloud, they either have to stay where they are or get modernised. But for a lot of the new, it is not tethered to the corporate DC so set it free. Free-ish though, as it can’t be delivered without an control or governance.

For example, at a recent Gartner event they highlighted a good example. A mode 2 app with 200 users fails, well, big deal. But as that app goes through its lifecycle if it fails with 20,000 users then it is a big deal. So throughout the app lifecycle some, not all, some mode 1 characteristics and practices would be applied to it to ensure a level or certainty and reduce risk.

Many organisations have to navigate their way through the challenges of delivering the brave new world of IT. We have to take the best, and relevant, of what we have learnt over the last 20 years, but apply to all the of the whizz bang new tech and practices we are bombarded with on a daily basis. No one said it’s gonna be easy. Thats why you are paid the big bucks!

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