Codemotion Milan

The other week I flew to Milan to present a talk on Virtual Reality at Codemotion. I had a great few days there and learned a lot. In fact, I learned 10 things.

  1. Developers like Devnet
  2. Italien Developers are the most stylish Devs
  3. Milan is not the prettiest city I’ve been to. (And I’ve been to Middlesbrough!!)
  4. Developers like to be scanned
  5. Italiens ignore all driving laws, but as everyone does, it all works beautifully.
  6. I need to go on a diet
  7. Uber is just awesome except when you wan to get to an airport at 17:00 on a Friday
  8. Dcgubbins stickers are more popular than Devnet stickers (yay me!!!!!!)
  9. Milan has some AMAZING restaurants
  10. Italiens will not allow you to have a coffee larger than an expresso


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