New Gig – Developer Evangelist

evangelistI have a new job at Cisco. Starting in August I am the DEVELOPER EVANGELIST for the UK&I.

Why does Cisco need a Developer Evangelist? Cisco sells boxes right!? Wrong! (Well. not totally).  Yes, we sell boxes but those boxes, the Infrastructure, has to be programmable and have APIs. Also, you need people who understand how to program against and consume APIs. These are Developers. Application Developers, Infrastructure Developers, SREs, DevOps, full-stack Engineers… (You get the picture).

In fact, Cisco has a whole organization built around this in the form of DevNet. There are HALF a MILLION members of DevNet today. That’s quite a lot of people who like this stuff.  As more and more infrastructure is consumed by APIs, it creates new ways for applications to interact with infrastructure.

But wait, there’s more! Just look at  AppD, Kinetic,, Contiv, and Google Hybrid Cloud to name but a few. When you start joining the dots between some of these platforms and working with customers and partners on use cases, things start getting quite exciting.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 19.48.20

So What Will You Be Doing Rog? Well, I’m glad you asked. My team has an innovation agenda. We are driving change in the way we build and consume Cisco hardware and software stacks. We are building solutions based not only on Cisco tech, but also emerging technologies like mixed reality, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, and experiences.

And I will, no doubt, draw the odd cartoon along the way