The World Famous AI Smart Coffee at CLEUR 19

So we took the now “World Famous” (possible exaggeration) AI Smart Coffee app to CiscoLive Barcelona and it was a blast!

Using a combination of Cisco Webex Teams, Google Cloud Vision, Kubernetes ,IFTT and some creativity, we analysed 837 faces, served 837 custom cups of coffee, and met 837 happy customers.

CLEUR Fatigue and Caffeine

Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 09.03.13There was a great buzz around the booth and our team of moderately trained “baristas” kept crowds entertained, educated and caffeinated. We even wore aprons!

We saw science at work! Average fatigue levels rose from the morning to afternoon, and there was a marked rise from Monday to Thursday after four days of learning and four evenings of entertainment. People came back multiple times to see how their faces were faring during the week. Some tried to trick the system with smiles, frowns, lighting and makeup.

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