Techie work stuff

Full stack Cloud native

Me giving a Brightalk Cloud session. What is it about I hear you say? Well….Delivering microservices apps across clouds is not easy. The digital supply chain that underpins any app can be super complex and eye watering. The full cloud native stack can encompass physical and software abstraction, security, observability , on-premise, in the cloud and […]

Multicloud for Network Engineers

This was a session I did for the Mastering Multicloud webinar series. During the talk I simultaeously demonstrate how not to grow a beard while articulating industry trends around cloud and muticloud, multicloud Networking and Full Stack Observability.

AI for Network Engineers

Are you a Network engineer? Ever wondered how AI is/will affect your day job. Then look no further for the answers to the deep questions in my ground breaking lockdown Webinar “AI for Network Engineers“. (took ages to come up with that title) Click here to see my head talking about such things as Neural […]


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