The Cisco Google ML Fatigue Analytical IoT Coffee App with Milk no Sugar

You wake up on a Tuesday Morning. Bed hair and eyes still slightly out of focus. What you need at that precise moment is an app, that takes your photo, sends it to Google Vision, runs some analytics on your beautiful face to determine your emotional state, stress and fatigue levels, then dispense a calculated amount of caffeine via your IoT connected Coffee Machine, Not got that app? Well, we do!

The Cisco team in Tokyo built this powerful solution to demonstrate the integration of Cisco Webex, Hyperflex and GCP. (Don’t expect it on the Cisco GPL anytime soon though).

Pedro and Stuart. Human Barista APIs. IMG_8406

We had a blast at GoogleNEXT! Cisco had a big booth showcasing DEVNET, Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform, Stealthwatch for GCP along with our super coffee app. I did not get to one session because we were so busy at the booth, which was disappointing and great at the same time, as it does show how relevant we are to this community.

GoogleNEXT Montage

I delivered a session titled “The Story of the Infrastructure Developer and the App Developer” highlighting the emergence of these two distinct roles and how both are very influential in any business.  Sequoia recognizes it and so do we.

The Influential Developer

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 20.53.33

Developer Facts (well most of them are facts)

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 20.51.11

Cisco DevNet is an organization created for the App and Infrastructure Dev.  We show App Devs how they can integrate Cisco solutions into their apps, and we show Infrastructure Devs how to build Hardware and Software stacks upon which, they can deploy those apps, whether it be on-premise, in public cloud or at the edge.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 21.00.54

We even hired the Lincoln Legend, a working Dev model to entice Developers to the booth with tales of his modeling exploits with Yang and Netconf

It was a great two days at GoogleNEXT London. Next stop for the Cisco Google ML Fatigue Analytical IoT Coffee App is  Web Summit and Codemotion


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