Captain Cloud at Cisco Live 17

Stickers, T-shirts, Cartoons, Cuddly Toys and Big Hugs

Captain Cloud made a big impact at CiscoLive in Vegas. The theme of the event was one of Super Heroes but alas the Captain is not official Cisco branding. But did that stop the big guy getting about and putting smiles on delegates faces. Not at all. When he goes, he goes BIG!

Not only did he bring fun, but fun + education.

For example, those propelar heads at Cisco DEVNET created a coding Escape Room, where the goal was to rescue Captain Cloud imprisoned by the Shadow. It was a hit and winners got their own cuddly toy Captain.

Then there was the SWAG. Limited edition, get them while you can, never to be repeated, Captain Cloud Stickers and T-Shirts, featuring Teddy the Disappointing Unicorn and API Girl. They went like hot cakes and are now adorning laptops all over the world.

And Finally, the Captain was prolifically witty on Twitter.

It was a humbling experience to see your creation brought to life and especially how people reacted so positively to him.  A totally amazing and humbling experience.

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