Getting to Know Your Friendly Developer

This week I presented to a large bunch of techie types on the importance of getting to know the Developer. Developers are becoming very influential as we know, and traditional IT has to change and provide the Dev teams with what they want, when they want it, or risk becoming wholly irrelevant.

Here is my guide to the Developer

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 20.33.28

  1. They love developing and hate anything that distracts them from it
  2. They love stickers. (If you see someone walking towards you, wearing a hoodie holding a laptop covered in stickers they are either a Developer or a 12 year old).
  3. If you get frightened whilst talking to a Developer safe Topics are Game of Thrones or Call of Duty.
  4. Modern Development teams can be fed by two pizzas. (So looked for 3 or 4 individuals wearing hoodies, exchanging stickers, talking about John Snow congregating around a meat feast pizza).
  5. Developers love AWS (other public clouds are available) because it makes their life easier.
  6. Developers hate IT because it makes their lives harder
  7. Developer don’t like infrastructure (see point 1)
  8. Developers hate suits. (Wearing them or talking to them)
  9. Developer dislike salespeople. (only 2% of Developers use sales people as their primary route for discovering new stuff. FACT)

With he advent of the whole DevOps thing they are part of a wider team, many of which do not have stickers on their laptops which is slowing the overall adoption of DevOps in the industry. NOTAFACT

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 20.49.37

Pre-DevOps this lot would not speak to each other unless they had to. (especially the Architecture guy as you were never quite sure if he was actually looking at you or not). But now they are all one happy team scrumming, sprinting and failing fast if needed. Certainly no walls of confusion any more.

So my advice is get to know your developer. Yes they can be scary. Yes, some do not blink as much as they should, but under all the intellectual bravado they just want to be loved. NOTAFACT

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